Switching handles and a Seabass Supper

This week I shared @cookingelle_ with Instagram and it was scary but totally worth it. Thank you to everyone for being so nice, especially those who asked for a recipe!

After some lovely messages I basically skipped to the shops to buy ingredients for one of my favourite suppers: seabass and gnocchi.

The seabass is fried in a pan with a little olive oil and a slice of lemon. Get the pan hot and then skin side down first to crisp it up.

Gnocchi is also tossed in olive oil (i used about 1tbsp for the amount of gnocchi in the picture) in a frying pan til they’ve browned as evenly as you can manage. This is a Nigella recipe, and the queen suggests 4 minutes on each side should do the trick.

The parmesan cream was simply a case of lightly frying a clove of garlic in butter in a saucepan, and then adding about half a small tub of single cream. I brought it up to the boil, added a splash of white wine, squeezed half a lemon and stirred in about 75g of parmesan.

Last but not least; peas. This is my favourite way to eat peas, boiled in chicken stock with sautéed onion and garlic and left to reduce. So good that I deliberately make extra for a second helping while I clear away dinner.

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