An Ode to Cheese Scones

There is nothing special difficult about cheese scones. I should say, there is plenty that is special about them. Served warm with a slick of butter and a cup of tea, I genuinely believe I would choose cheese scones over any cake. In my very first job (at a high street retailer with a lovely food hall), I would pop downstairs for a cheese scone on my break almost every shift, and these were not just any cheese scone – cue seductive music from the famous advert of that same retailer.

I use Felicity Cloake’s recipe and have added chives, or mixed herbs or once, accidentally, zaatar – and they weren’t bad at all. I also have incorporated beef dripping from a lunchtime roast into the liquid ingredients and that batch was rich, moreish, and the perfect late afternoon tea. I, like Cloake, like a combination of mature cheddar and Red Leicester for the cheese, although gruyere is lovely too if you happen to have lots of it (you need lots).

As mentioned, my favourite way to eat these is still warm, with a generous spread of butter, however I also recommend cream cheese with a dot of Worcestershire sauce or marmite in between – or even plain, just as they are.

On to the final and most important debate: do you rhyme scone with gone or cone? Answers on a postcard please.

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