French Onion Soup and thoughts on Beige Food

The irony of updating this blog biannually with a love letter to beige food while proclaiming myself to be a lover of food (never foodie), is not lost on me. It’s true, I spend my day thinking/talking/dreaming about food and if I’m lucky then I spend more than a few moments making and devouring said meals. It is also true that where I have had a spare half an hour to document these moments, I usually choose to have another helping instead. 

However, while all that somewhat – barely – explains almost never posting, it doesn’t explain the beige. Colourful food is nourishing, packed full of goodness, flavours and frankly more instagrammable. But there comes a mood, often at this time of year, where an advert-worthy cascade of pomegranates glittering on a bed of rich green salad pales in comparison to a thick slather of butter on a humble slice of toast. Whether I am tired from too much Christmas shopping, run down with the inevitable week-before-the-big-day-cold (it has come early this year), or having supper in my pyjamas (because surely this is the only perk of it getting dark at approximately 10am?), beige food reigns supreme. Beige food is the warm dressing gown fresh out of the bath, the cup of tea you pick up at the perfect drinking temperature, a cosy bedside lamp with a switch you can reach without stretching too far. Beige food is the ultimate of all comforts.

On a winter day, French onion soup stands victorious amongst its worthy neutral toned opponents – see poppy_cooks on Instagram for all potato related dreams. I use the inimitable Delia Smith’s recipe from the beloved first ever cookbook I owned, ‘Delia’s Complete Cookery Course’ which you can find here or by clicking on the image below. Delia’s word is sacrosanct, however if your hand slips and you add a little more brandy then so be it – ’tis the season.

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